Feeling Overwhelmed

And I think I have cabin fever. Anyone else ever had it? Let me tell you, it's not fun at all. And add the overwhelming part to it, and most days the best I can hope for is to get through the day without shedding any tears.

The kids have too much going on, but what else is new, right? My job is on the line due to no fault of my own, and we haven't seen the sun in days(weeks?). I get tired of staring at these same four walls, day in and day out. I need summer to come!

What I really need is a Disney vacation planner to make it all go away. I need to be booked on a trip for at least a week. Two would be better. I need sun and fun, and no schedule.

Ah, imagine it. No place to be at any specific time. No worries about jobs or money or schedules. I can so feel the sun on my face now.

Ugh...I just looked out the window and reality set back in. I should have stayed in bed.