Should Have Been Born Male

Let me begin by saying, I don't mind being a woman. I mean, there are benefits. We are definitely cleaner and smell better. We are smarter and have more common sense. Our clothes are prettier. These are all good.

But, the downside to all of this beauty and brains is what's expected of us. I mean, we seriously get the raw end of this deal. We have to endure monthly visits from Aunt Flo, who by the way is a horrible, horrible person. Why I let her back in each month is beyond me.

As I was saying.

We are the main caregivers for our children. Don't get me wrong. Children are wonderful and all, but they require A LOT of work. It's rewarding (again, like a root canal), but A LOT of work. We never get a moment's peace. We work full-time. We clean the house from top to bottom, without the assistance of the rest of the family that lives in the house but feels no obligation to help, and we do it all without complaint. Well, most of the time.

By the time it's all said and done, who the hell cares how pretty or smart we are. We're too tired and disheveled for anyone to take notice.

Ah, but men! They have it made.

Sure, they work. And they work hard most times providing for their family. But come on. They don't do it alone anymore, so don't give me that crap. Once their 8-hour day is over, they are done. They come home to a meal cooked by the wife, sit in their recliner afterward, and watch TV until bedtime. Or play in the garage. Or with the kids. Or whatever. The point is, their work day ends after 8-hours.

And their appearance. No one hardly takes notice if a man goes out of the house without combing his hair. Just throw a ball cap on and he's good to go. No one is the wiser. A pair of stained jeans? He's a working man after all. He's earned the right to be a little stained. Maybe he's a mechanic?

A woman would never be caught dead looking like that in public. Don't comb our hair? My heart skips a beat just thinking about the looks I'd get.

I think, If I had it all to do over again, I'd want to come back as a (now don't get offended, because this is meant with the best intentions and highest compliments) flaming gay man.

Take it in......Reason?

Gay men are the best dressers, always smell good (like a woman), but get to live like a man!