Funny Story

Don't ask me how, but in the car the other day we were talking about how each child was born dictated how they would be in real life. For example, I told Becky that she was in no hurry to get out of the womb. My water broke in the middle of the night, but contractions didn't start on their own. By 8am the next morning, the doctors had to induce labor, and even then, she took her own sweet time. To this day, she isn't in a big hurry to do anything, and she's very easy going...for the most part.

Tim said, "What about me?!"

"Well," I said. "You weren't about to wait. When you decided it was time to come out, you came out. I barely made it to the hospital in time. The doctor came into the room, saw that your head was already halfway out, threw on a gown half-assed, and caught you before you hit the floor. It was a miracle you didn't land on your head!"

He looked at me and mater-of-factly said, "That's because there was a serial killer in there chasing me!"

Now, what do you say to that?