I Ain't Birthin' No More Babies

That's right. You heard me. Although being a mother is the most rewarding thing (rewarding like a root canal) I've ever done in my life, I declare that I am done.

Let's move on to grandchildren! Well, in several years of course. When all the kids are out of college, married, with good jobs. Then bring on the grandbabies. Yea! Grandbabies! Spoil them with personalized baby gifts and hugs and kisses, then send them home for their parents to deal with!

I can't wait to buy them all the fun things their parents won't approve of and be their favorite grandma.

Until then though, if Rebecca says one more time that babies are just the cutest things ever and she can't wait to have one, I'm going to have her fitted with a chastity belt and locked her in her room until she's 30!