Working From Home

I can't help but feel very limited in my choices for working from home as a disabled person. Let me clarify.

I know being disabled really has nothing to do with it. Other than it being the reason I can't get around by myself to leave the house to go to work, I am still quite capable of doing a lot of things. What I mean by that statement is career/job choices are very limited for the work from home mom. And in my case, even more limited since I can't drive to get to school to learn something new.

I know, I know. Online classes.

Well, I've looked into them. A lot of the classes required for the field I'm interested in require in-house participation. *Insert loud buzzer here*

Not going to work for me.

So, as I'm not happy in my current job, I've started looking for something else. And don't worry, my dear SEO-friend. It's not with your company I'm unhappy. I'm coming to realize that unless I want to answer phones and deal with dissatisfied customers all day, there really isn't much out there for a work from homer.

It's depressing really. They say that many jobs will be work from home soon. That it's cheaper and better for the economy. I've seen a big surge in that direction, but unfortunately, mostly only for the customer service/technical help field. And you have to be careful, too. There's plenty of people out there ready to screw you out of your hard-earned money online. They have no qualms about charging you to "train" or "buy startup materials" and then nothing.

I don't want to deal with crabby people, and I don't want to sell. What else is there?