Women's Jewelry at LaurenKlein.com

With Mother's Day just around the corner, I'm on the hunt for something really special for my Mom. She's not picky, but I would like something that makes her go "Ooohhh....aaahhhh...." when she opens it. I want it to make a statement. I've found this site online that sells women's jewelry, and the pieces are pretty nice. A lot of it can be personalized and the quality is good.

The company has been in the diamond business for over 55 years, so I would imagine they know what they're doing. The cool thing is that they control the jewelry making process from beginning to end, which makes it possible to pass the savings on to their customers, namely me!

There's a ton of stuff on the site that I'm interested in myself, but for my mom, I'm looking at a sapphire and diamond circle pendant necklace since her favorite gem is sapphire. I'm pretty happy with the price of only $299. Don't get me wrong, I'd spend just about anything on my mom. She's definitely worth it, but not having to is awesome. 

Check them out. There's so much stuff on the site, I can't begin to tell you about it all. I bet you'll even find something for your own mother on there!