Shopping and Hunting

Tim recently took the Hunter's Safety class. Ever since then, he's been obsessed. He's needs blaze orange this and blaze orange that. He needs a special blaze orange ball cap so when they go to the bar to register his deer, he has a hat to wear. He needs hunting socks. "You know the kind, Mom. In case it's cold out. I can't have cold feet while I'm sitting in the tree stand." He needs a gun, with a scope, because it's much easier to aim with one.

So, little by little, we've been shopping for hunting. Just last night, we were looking at guns and rifle scopes at Fleet Farm. I've convinced the boys(this includes my husband who is the biggest boy of them all) that comparison shopping is the way to go when purchasing items such as this. So, every store we go to that might have guns, scopes, or anything hunting related requires a trip through the sporting goods department to have a look-see.

So far, Tim has narrowed it down to enough guns for a small army. Each one with something special about it that he just "has to have." I sure hope when it comes time to actually buy the gun, he is able to choose something smart, and long lasting.

Something tells me that we will be buying two guns, though.