Short Hiatus

It seems that I decided to take a short hiatus without purposely deciding to do so. It can't possibly be over a month since I last posted, can it? My apologies to the masses. It was not my intention to take a break. I merely got sidetracked. Lured away by promises of sunshine and warm weather.

Unfortunately, that sunshine and warm weather is short lived around here. Summer has yet to fully arrive in my neck of the woods. It seems that Mother Nature has a stick up her butt or something and isn't cooperating. But, never you mind. It will be warm later this week. So much so that we shall sweat and complain and wish for cooler weather. Just you wait and see.

So, not much has been going on around here to speak of, so I guess you really haven't missed anything by me not blogging. Tristan is home from school, such that it is. We don't see much of him, as he has a busy social life now that he's a college student, and an adult that doesn't have to answer to parents anymore. Our house is merely a place to lay his head(once in a while), eat, and shower. It's the perfect place to live for him really. The rent is cheap, non-existent actually, and the landlords keep the place pretty nice. He hardly has to contribute to the household at all.

Rebecca's epilepsy seems to be coming into control, thank goodness. She's such a mess when it interferes with her life. It's hard to get a teenager to understand that it's not the end of the world if she can't take a bike ride by herself. In her mind, the world will end if she can't do things like "normal" kids her age. Normal, schmormal. What's normal anyway?

Tim is playing baseball on two teams this summer. He had to sit out a couple weeks due to a back injury a couple weeks back. A back injury. On a 12 year old. Crazy stuff, I tell you. He was in so much pain, he'd lay in the floor and cry. I was convinced it was a tumor or something else just as bad. I mean, 12 year olds don't suffer from back pain, like us old, overweight adults do. But, apparently they do. After 2 trips to the hospital for x-rays, and a visit to his doctor, it was confirmed that there was no tumor or gross misalignment of his spine. Simply a muscle injury that needed time to heal.

Go figure.

That's about it on the home front.

Oh wait! I do have some exciting news. I finally got myself an iPod Touch! Yippee! I only got it so I can play "Words With Friends" with my mother, but that is beside the point. I did load over 500 songs on it and downloaded "Angry Birds," which by the way, only serves to make ME angry. I've only had it a week now, but so far, I like it. I suppose I'm going to have to break down and get the kids each one, since they are constantly bugging me to use mine, which of course, I deny them. Because I'm just that way. It's MINE!