"Flyin" by Kevin O'Connor

Drawing from his own life experiences, KO (Kevin O'Connor) writes and performs music that has meaning for him, hoping to convey those meanings to his listeners. For over 25 years, he's been making music in the New York area.

While visiting KO's website, be sure to check out 175 Cherry Lane from KO on cdbaby. Listen to the album and discover the ethereal feeling of "Flyin." "Flyin" is a 7-year project that started out as an instrumental. It morphed into a vocal, that eventually turned back into an instrumental, with a Jazzy-Rock fusion. Whether you like the instrumental version or the vocal version, both are available on the album.

KO's songs really make you think. There is a definite mood to each and every one of them, and knowing that they are written from the heart and from real-life makes listening even more enjoyable.