Need a New TV

My eyesight just keeps getting poorer and poorer. I don't know if it's my condition or old age, but it sure is difficult to watch TV on that old 32" TV we have in the living room. Most times, I'll not watch TV and just catch my shows somewhere on the Internet on my 20" monitor. It's smaller, but I can sit closer and the LCD is clearer and brighter than the old TVs.

We are in the market for a new TV for me though. It's just a matter of doing a little comparison shopping and finding the right one with the right price. I tell Mike, the bigger, the better. I don't know if my eyesight will continue to fail, but a bigger TV can't hurt.

There's this samsung lcd that I really like. It's a 40-inch, so I'm not so sure it'll be big enough. I really like the picture on it compared to some of the other models. It's really bright and crisp.

We'll keep looking and comparing, though. I don't want to jump into anything here considering the amount of money being spent.