Some People Don't Deserve to Have Pets

I just got back from Walmart. Keep in mind that the temperature here is about 90º with high humidity. Across from where we were parked sat a BLACK jeep thing with a dog inside. The windows were down half-way, but still, the dog was panting and whining.

What the hell were its owners thinking? My dogs love to go for rides with us too, but on days like today, I have to tell them no and leave them at home. I don't care if you're only going into the store for a couple of things, leaving a dog in the car, in a BLACK car, in these temperatures is murder! Plain and simple.

Had I been alone, I would have called the police. At the very least, I would have went inside and had the car's owner paged to the service desk and read them the riot act. But, I wasn't alone, and Mike wouldn't let me do anything. He gets embarrassed easily by public displays. Especially ones that are "none of our business."

I sure hope the owner came out soon after and turned the air on for that dog on the trip home.