My father-in-law recently retired. We were all a little concerned for him because he didn't really have any hobbies and the only thing he ever did was work and watch TV. Surely watching TV can't be the only thing he had to look forward to, is what we all were thinking.

He surprised us all by having one of those steel buildings put up. It's a huge garage where he immediately set up a workshop. He parked every vehicle he owned in there and has proceeded to maintain and work on every single one. He used to take them all in, even for the most mundane tasks like changing oil. Not anymore! He does it all himself!

He spends every waking moment in that shed. Sometimes, we just catch him sitting in there, listening to the oldies and smoking his cigarettes. I think he likes his new investment. I know it has made us all very happy to see him so happy in his retirement.