Addicted to Addiction

I've been told that I have an addictive personality.

I can see that.

I tend to latch on to things that make me feel good. My two biggest addictions are smoking and eating. I smoked for years. So many, I lost count. I quit a year and a half ago, but there isn't a burning cigarette that I've smelled that didn't give me the urge to light up again. Sometimes I get jealous of smokers. They get to smoke and I don't.

I'm still working on the eating addiction. It's even tougher than the smoking addiction, let me tell you. I mean, we have to eat, right? Unfortunately, what's that saying? I live to eat, not eat to live. It's a daily battle, that is for sure. It's not uncommon for me to sit down with a bag of chips and a jar of salsa and not stop until they're both gone.

Mmmmmmm....chips and salsa.

Ahem....where was I?

Oh yeah, anyway, because I'm now diabetic, I've got to get this eating addiction under control. I try. I really do. I haven't had chips and salsa in over a week now. I feel like I should start a support group.

CSA: Chips & Salsa Anonymous.

I wonder if there's others out there suffering from a chips and salsa addiction just like me?