Why Rush?

I went to a friend's friend's baby shower with her over the weekend. She didn't want to go along, and well, who doesn't like a good baby shower? The mother got tons of gifts. You'd swear the guests all got together and robbed a baby store or something. She'll never want or need for anything for at least 6 months, if not longer.

One of the things I noticed was that she was obviously having a boy. Everything was blue, right down to the horrendous punch made with all sorts of blue drinks and sherbert. It was pretty, but man, was it terrible!

The next thing that I noticed while she was opening gifts is that some people got her monogrammed baby gifts already. I was like, "what if the baby turns out to be a girl?" I know those gifts aren't cheap to have personalized, and that would be such a waste. I suppose she could give the baby a girl's name to match the ones that were only initials, but what about the ones that had full boy's names printed on them? And believe me, she got quite a few gifts that were personalized. 

I know doctors nowadays can be pretty accurate with these things, but still. I don't trust them completely. Mother Nature could be having a good day and decide to play a prank on you. Then what. You have a girl using a blanket monogrammed with 'Bill.'