Lauren Klein: Women's Jewelry

Mike's and my anniversary is coming up in a couple months. I've already been "browsing" various jewelry sites and flyers to see what I want. You know, sometimes you just gotta open your mouth when you want something. Otherwise you end up with something you don't want, and will never wear. Besides, Mike likes it when I tell him exactly what I want. Makes his job a whole lot easier.

Seriously. He told me that.

In any other situation, I'd probably tell him he's being lazy and scold him, but not on this. I like what I like, and this is a sure way to get it.

I was checking out the women's jewlry online and found this really cute necklace that I think would be just fine as an anniversary gift. You see, I'm not one for fancy things. I like everyday things I can wear with my t-shirts and jeans.

I was pretty impressed with the price as well. I don't want anything really expensive that I'm afraid to wear and lose. I like stuff I can be comfortable with. What's even better is that if I hurry and get Mike on the ball and he uses promo code Sum10, he can save 10% through August 15th.

I'd happily accept my anniversary gift early. I have no problem with that!