It's a Virtual World Out There

The longer I work from home, the more I wonder why more people aren't taking advantage of the opportunity. I know there are certain jobs that just can't be done from home, but there are so many that can, but aren't. It's amazing to me how companies can employ several hundred home-based workers, all over the computer. Most times, these workers never get to meet their employers in person, but yet, they perform their jobs in a devoted manner as if they have.

One way many companies are able to manage so many employees is by web conferencing and online meetings. The company I work for, JLodge, does this and it allows us all to gather in one virtual place for meetings. We talk and interact with each other just as we would in an actual physical job.

I'm really impressed with web conferencing because they make it possible for companies to create as normal a work place for their virtual employees as possible. I'm all for saving a buck or two in this day and age, and applaud companies that take the initiative and hire work-from-home workers. Not only do they save money for the company, they help save the planet by reducing emissions from cars, reducing the amount of electricity used, etc. More companies should think about going this route.

I think it is becoming more popular to hire people to work from their homes, I just don't think it's happening fast enough. Someday it might be the norm to work from home, and I hope it is. It's a good thing.