My Favorite Holiday

Let's hear it for Halloween! I love, love, love Halloween! What's not to like? You get to dress up in costumes, act stupid and blame it on your character, eat candy, and you don't get in trouble for scaring the crap out of people. There's nothing better than a good Halloween spirit!

I'm already planning my costume for this year. It's a toss up between a really scary-looking witch (which probably isn't a far cry, I'm afraid) or a vampire (because I love vampires, too). I'm trying to get Mike to cooperate and look at some fancy dress costumes for men, but he's not as thrilled with Halloween as I am. For this reason, he's the one that gets stuck answering the door for all the trick-or-treaters while the kids and I scour the neighborhood for as much candy as their bags will hold.

That's right. They do all the work, and I reap the benefits. Just as a good parent should do. Someone has to check all the candy and make sure it's safe to eat. And as a tax for doing so, I take a cut. It's only fair.

Hey, it's not like I take ALL the good candy. I don't like Almond Joy or Mounds. Or those crappy peanut butter taffy things wrapped in orange and black paper. Yuck! Whoever gives those out should be banned from Halloween altogether. No one like them.

So, I'll take pictures when the time comes. Hopefully the kids come up with something as scary as costume.