Rhinebeck Fever

I've never been much of a city girl, and have definitely never been to a big city like New York. I much prefer the quiet, lazy days of small country, where the air is clean and the stars bright at night. Having said that, I recently heard a song called "Rhinebeck Fever" written and sung by KO Guitar that might make me rethink my big city opinions.

KO sings about how beautiful the view is of the Hudson River stretching as far as the eye can see, and of how peaceful and quiet it is. He reminisces about places like Blondie's Cafe, as he takes you along for the ride. His music comes from the heart and his writings are usually based on one life experience or another. Just listening to the song gives me "Rhinebeck Fever."

You can listen to Rhinebeck Fever on iTunes: 175 Cherry Lane by KO.