Sophisticated Smoke

I watched Act of Piracy from 1988 last night. I suppose I could give a review of the movie if I thought it was worth my time, but I won't. Because it wasn't.

I got to thinking, though. There is a scene in the movie where Nancy Mulford smokes a big ole' cigar, but only after she does things to it that are not suitable for this blog. Use your imagination if you must, but I'm not telling.

Anyway, I got to thinking. Is that really a sexy thing, to see a woman smoking a cigar? Never mind the preceding actions before she actually lit the thing. What is so alluring about a woman smoking a cigar. Please tell me because I'd sure like to know. Mike, who watched the movie with me, couldn't tell me why or even if it was sexy to him because he was too busy drooling. I took that to mean he thought yes, it was a turn-on.

Makes me want to run right out and buy camacho triple maduro cigars and keep them in the nightstand drawer next to the bed!