Enough is Enough

I have decided that the time is right to start a new venture in my life. Call it a mid-life crisis or whatever you want. It is time. There has to be more, no, I know there's more out there than what I'm currently seeing.

Don't get me wrong. I love being a stay-at-home mother and taking care of my family. Honestly, I don't think the title "stay-at-home mother" really applies to me anymore. I mean, my oldest is in college and my youngest is now in 6th grade. That title is a misnomer.

Besides, I want a new title. Something bold. Something that says something about who I am and what I can offer. I have a few ideas, and none of them include the word "mom".

The ideas are running through my head as we speak, and I'm really excited about the possibilities. Unfortunately, I can't let you in on my plans at this time. They are undecided and unorganized, but you can be sure that when I finally have a handle and a full understanding, I will fill you all in. Just know that this is going to be big. BIG, I tell you!