I Need A Do-Over

What a week it has been....and it's only Wednesday!

Monday morning I put the kids on the bus, and less than two minutes later, I get a phone call from Tim. Becky had another seizure.....on the bus......in front of all her friends. The bus driver was oblivious to what was going on and did not bring her home. Hell, they hadn't even turned off our road yet, but still he continued on. I ended up having to have her grandpa pick her up at school once she arrived. On the bright side, Tim did an awesome job taking care of her until he arrived.

Number 2: Becky has this horrible rash, caused by God only knows, that we ended up taking her to the doctor for, thinking it might be linked to her epilepsy meds, which can be fatal.

Talk about scary!

Turns out the rash isn't related to her meds, thank goodness, but the doc has no idea where it's coming from and thinks it may be an infection. Antibiotics, two creams, and two days later, we're seeing little if no signs of improvement. All docs involved think the infection caused the seizure, lowering her seizure threshold. Tomorrow will be the deadline for improvement or another trip to the doctor.

Today: I swear, these kids have made it a point to drive me insane. I think that is a child's job. That is what they are put on this Earth for. Every morning, it's the same thing. The bus is due any minute, any second, and they are not ready. They have to go to the bathroom. They still need to brush their teeth. They still need to take their meds. This morning, it was Tim. He decided (not really decided, but still..) to throw up his breakfast. Not because he is sick, mind you. He's always had a sensitive stomach, and mornings have never been good for him. What with his asthma and morning phlegm and all. I knew I shouldn't have let him drink that glass of chocolate milk. Chocolate milk and phlegm are not a good mixture.

So, he throwing up and it's time for the bus to come. He gets done, runs upstairs to get his inhaler, all the while I'm yelling at him to hurry up, and guess what? He misses the bus. Becky gets on just fine, and because her brother was busy throwing up when she went out the door, didn't make the bus driver wait. He only missed the bus by seconds. And me being unable to drive, Tim is staying home. Free day for Tim!

I'll be glad when this week is over. Between worrying about Becky, and now this, I have gotten nothing done. I feel so uninspired. I'd better find inspiration soon, though. I've got Christmas at my house this year, and my house is in need of some major TLC before then.