Halfway House For Wayward College Students

Am I just the coolest mom or what? The answer to that question is yes. Yes, I am.

Tristan, that's him......

is home from college for the holidays and ever-so- politely asked if one of his friends from school could come stay with us for a few days over the break. I, being the coolest mom ever, said, "Of course!"

A few days later, I received a flower delivery. Odd, since no one I know has ever been thoughtful enough to send me flowers. I had to check the mailing label three times to be sure they weren't delivered to the wrong address.

I took them in the house and opened them.

I know! Aren't they gorgeous?!

Who could they be from, I wondered. Upon looking at the enclosed card, I find they are from the aforementioned friend as a thank-you for letting her stay with us.

How thoughtful!

Here is said friend, enjoying the company of my three dogs. You know a good person when the dogs think she's great!