It's A Harmless Fetish, Really......

I don't get out much, what with my visual disability and all, but for reasons I can't explain or control, I have a shoe fetish. It's more of an obsession, really. And the funny thing about it is, I only wear just a select few pair despite the numerous pairs that line my closet floor. Keds shoes are my favorite. So many colors and patterns.....yeah. They remind me of summer days. No socks, just a pair of cute Keds to make a summer outfit complete.

Oh, and Dr Martens shoes........drool. So many pretty boots to choose from. Who cares if they don't keep your feet terribly warm. They look fabulous!

For me, buying shoes is like a true religion. I believe strongly in the power of a new pair of shoes to make you feel complete. OK, so maybe comparing shoe buying to religion is a bit extreme, but seriously. I might need professional help to get past this. How much sense does it make to keep buying all these cute shoes if I really have no intention of actually wearing them? Why do I keep buying shoes when the trusty old faithfuls are my favorite?

Someone stop me cause I can't stop myself!