Tushie Cushies and Melting Snow

There are two things I really could do without right about now. My sore butt and all this melting snow. I know. Quite different subjects. But, it's true.

Let us talk about my butt first. I literally have a pain in the butt today. It happens quite regularly during this time of year when wrestling season is in full swing and entire days are spent sitting on hard, unforgiving bleachers for hours on end. It's the type of pain one doesn't notice until she sits. On anything. No matter how soft and cushy the furniture, I wince in pain until my derriere gets accustomed. Just when I think it's all good, I change positions and wince again. I think losing weight has only made the situation worse. There isn't as much junk in the trunk as there used to be, which is nice as far as wearing jeans goes, but no so nice for extended bleacher-sitting. I think it's time to consider buying one of those tushie cushie things to pad my delicate tuckus.

On to the melting snow. If you're an avid reader of my blog, and I know you are, right? You'll know my feelings on Winter. Just in case you're new around here, I'll tell you now. I hate it. I hate it more than life itself. I'd give anything to move somewhere warm, somewhere without snow. Unfortunately, that isn't possible because my husband refuses, and unless I'm willing to leave him, I'm stuck.

Anyway, normal temps here in Wisconsin this time of year are cold. Very cold. And there's usually an ungodly amount of snow by now. This year however, is not typical. The temps have been warmer than normal and snowfall has been kept to a minimum. I should be happy, right? I thought so, too.

Unfortunately, there has been just enough snow to make things miserable. The most miserable part is our garage. It is attached to the house, which is nice, usually, and was added years after the house was built. The idiots that built it however, should be shot, or at the very least pummeled with rocks until they bleed. Sounds extreme, I know, but seriously. Who builds a garage without a drain in the floor, and then slopes the floor towards the house?

It's a constant battle trying to keep the melted snow that drips from the cars away from the door to the house. I sweep the puddles of water away from the door. They come back. I sweep them away again, they come back. The puddles never dry. They just refreeze and melt depending on the temperature, ebbing and flowing with my sweeping.

And poor Rascal. You know which dog I'm talking about, right? He's the black shih-tzu. He absolutely hates getting his feet wet, so it's quite comical to watch him work his way through the garage from the house door to the back door to go potty. He hops, jumps, and slithers around things on his belly just to avoid the puddles that forever sit all winter long in our garage. The sad thing is, after all that work just to get to the door, he still has to face all the slushy, melty snow in the backyard. Let's just say, he's not a happy doggy.