On To The Next Step

Now that the walls and ceiling are done in the living room, it's time to start thinking about the floors. I'm still undecided as to whether to put down carpeting or stick with the natural hard wood floors, but I need to make a decision soon as this unfinished room is driving me crazy. The only problem with redoing the hard wood floors is that I just know I'm going to have to rent industrial floor scrubbers, and the work will not be easy. While the floors are in perfect shape, they are very scratched and dull. The previous owners had carpeting in here, so the floors were well protected and can be restored easily. I just don't know if I want to put that much work into it.

I can envision this room with beautifully restored hard wood floors, and it's beautiful. I've never done anything like this before, but with auto scrubbers and battery powered machines, how hard could it really be? I wonder just how long a vacuum battery life is? Will I have to stop and keep recharging the unit, or will it be enough to finish the entire floor on one charge? Once I start, I don't want to have to stop until it's finished, ya know?

Decisions, decisions.

I'll have to do some more research and find out what all is involved in restoring the hard wood floor. I'd like to have it done within the next few weeks, before any type of warmer weather starts making its way here. I don't want to be stuck in this house any longer than I have to be!