Steel Buildings

Over this past Summer, my father-in-law, having come into some money after his father died, decided to put up one of those steel buildings to house all his toys. You know the toys men buy as they get older: a muscle car (his is a yellow and black Dodge Charger), a camper big enough to house a family of five comfortably, and is actually decorated better than my house, and a decked out work bench area that any auto mechanic would be jealous of. There are other amenities and things besides, but you get the picture.

The funny thing is, the older you get, the less you tend to work on your own vehicles. The less you do around the house. It's just so much easier to hire someone to do the work for you, so I have to wonder why he went to this extreme, just because he could.

On the other hand, the building is so big that he has allowed us to store some of our bigger assets as well. Mike's ice shanty and boat, for instance. What once stood outside, naked to the elements, is now tucked cozily inside, right between said camper. No more shoveling feet of snow to uncover the ice shanty when it's time to go sturgeon spearing. Yay!