Twenty Down, How Many To Go?

I am happy to say that when I look at my naked self in the mirror now, I'm a little bit less repulsed.

Why, you ask?

Because I've officially lost 20 pounds!

*Cue upbeat music and drop the colorful, sparkly confetti. Applaud! Applaud!

It's taken a while, but I did it. I really did it.

And, I have such a cool mother. She is so supportive. She made a deal with me that if I lost 20 pounds by Christmas, she'd buy me a pair of diamond earrings. Well, I didn't quite make Christmas, but I got the earrings anyway, on the terms that I continue with the weight loss. I did, and just a couple short weeks later, I did it.

When I told her the good news, she said, "Congratulations! Now, what do you want for the next 20?"

Is she awesome or what?

I decided that for the next 20, I wanted a shopping trip with my mother to the Goodwill store for some new clothes. By then, nothing I have will even remotely fit and I will be in need of some new stuff. But, the way I look at it, it doesn't pay to go out and spend a ton on new stuff since I won't be done with the weight loss game. I'll save the shopping trip for "new" stuff when I've reached the end of my travels.

We won't discuss what I have to lose yet, because it is quite a bit. I don't like to dwell on the big picture. It's too overwhelming to think about all that I have to lose. I prefer to take it one day at a time, one pound at a time. Each pound is an accomplishment and one step closer to a thinner, sexier, healthier me!