What Will They Think Of Next?

Let me start by saying, I do not advocate smoking or not smoking. It is what it is, and to each his own, I say. I do believe however, that once a smoker, always a smoker on some level. It's like being an alcoholic. You may quit drinking, and remain sober the rest of your life, but deep down inside, that urge to drink never goes completely away. It lays in wait, dormant. It's up to you whether you give in to it or not. Quitting smoking works the same way.

Having said all that, I recently discovered a site that sells a different kind of electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarettes are nothing new lately. Since the US started cracking down on smoking in public, the ecigarette has become the more socially acceptable replacement. This is because it allows the smoker to smoke in public without passing harmful chemicals and foul smells to others around him. The "smoke" emitted from an ecig is not really smoke at all. Instead, it is an odorless, chemical-free water vapor. The beauty of this type of smoking is that it allows the smoker to curb their nicotine cravings and smoking habit without passing second hand smoke to other people. Also, it typically costs about half of what smoking real cigarettes does. It's really a win-win for everyone.

Earlier I mentioned an electronic cigarette that is different than most. This is because the new ecigarette offered by blu allows the user to connect with other blu users through a smart pack. The smart pack in which the ecigarette is recharged in is designed to light up and vibrate if another blu user is within 50 feet. Also, it alerts the user to any nearby blu retailers so buying replacement cartridges or supplies is never difficult. With this new advancement in blu technology, meeting new people is a snap because you already have something in common.....blu electronic cigarettes.