A Job With Comfortable Attire

If I could choose to work a job based solely on how comfortable their uniforms are, I think I'd be a nurse........minus all the gore and sick people, that is.

Think about it. A nurses uniform is really just a pair of pajamas. You got the nice comfy pants held up by elastic and a drawstring, and a big, baggy shirt with large pockets to hold your tissues. What uniform is more comfy than that? And the colors and patterns you see them in today are awesome. I remember going to the doctor when I was little and all the nurses looked the same. They all wore either blue or green scrubs. Not today. I take my kids to the doctor and the nurses have on scrubs with Spongebob or Hello Kitty. My kids' pediatrician's nurse even has a stethoscope with a Spongebob cover! And they give gum (sugar-free of course) when the appointment is over. I think my kids actually like going to the doctor because it's like going to a carnival!