I woke up this morning to the alarm, that thank God, interrupted the worst nightmare. I dreamed that I was pregnant with twins, only I didn't know it until I was ready to deliver.

Yeah, I know. And, at my age!

I remember calling my mom to tell her the news and she said, "I sure hope they're healthy. Your brother and his wife just had twins yesterday, and they are both sickly."

What the hell? This is funny, and scary, because neither my brother or I plan to have anymore children because we both have three already.

In the dream, when I get to the hospital, I can't find my doctor. I can't even remember her name! Mike and I separate to try to find her, and I wonder around the hospital pushing one of those medical carts, you know, the ones that hold the IV bags,  looking for her. And, I'm hungry. I hit up every snack machine in the place, but find that I have no money. I go back to the nurse's station, but now, I cannot find Mike. He left my overnight bag at the desk, so I open it and inside there is a Snickers candy bar, and I sit down to eat it. I remember being thankful that he was thoughtful enough to put the candy bar in my bag, but also that I was mad at him for being lost.

I started into labor, but he still wasn't back, and that's when the alarm went off.

What does it all mean?