There's Got To Be A Better Way

I got a wild hair yesterday and decided that my computer area needed some organizing and revamping. I was tired of seeing all the equipment sitting out. Since my computer is in our living room, it just looked junky. So, I bought a cabinet with a door on it and proceeded to put all my equipment in there. You know, to hide it.

Well, while at it, I noticed that the dust had taken on a life of its own in and around my computer tower, so I decided to clean that out too. I hauled Mike's small air compressor in the house and began blowing. Oh my God! The dust cloud that emerged from inside the tower was so thick, I couldn't see through it! I'm not 100% certain, but I'm almost positive that this can't be good for electronics. It took me over fifteen minutes to get the thing dust-free!

Note to self: Don't wait so long to clean out the inside of your computer tower in the future.

While putting everything back together, which by the way, proved to be more difficult than originally thought because after disconnecting all the wires, I just let them fall thinking I'd be able to tell what was what and what went where, I realized that the mass of wires and cables behind the desk was unacceptable. I ended up having to completely disconnect everything and start from scratch. A job that should have only taken a few minutes, actually took all afternoon. I discovered that I needed some kind of cable management system to keep all the wires straight and organized. But, silly me, instead of heading out to buy such a thing, I just plugged everything back in and went on my merry way.

You know what's going to happen the next time I get a crazy idea to clean my computer area, don't you?

Right. I'm going to be just as frustrated as I was this time, and I might even curse a little.