All Good Things Must Come to an End

What a busy weekend we had! It's no wonder parents are so worn out by the time their children are grown and on their own. It's from all the running around we have to do while they are growing up! Saturday, Tim had his last wrestling tournament of the season, The Tournament of Champions. To be eligible for this one, he had to have taken first place in any previous tournament after January 1st of this year. Not bragging, but Tim had three. :)

He did really well. He placed second, which was no easy feat considering he was going against other boys that have taken first in several tournaments as well. It was a great way to end the season! Now, we turn our focus to baseball which starts in a week or two.

Sunday, we took a school bus down to Milwaukee (an hour and a half one way, packed with two cheerleading teams, parents, and siblings!) to watch Becky's team perform in a cheer competition. Was that ever fun! As a whole, the team came home with five trophies; three first places, a second place, and a third. They totally rocked that competition and made quite an impression on the judges and spectators with their stunting. One of the coaches for another team even said, "Now that's what real cheerleaders look like!"

While I'm totally thrilled that the running has ended for practices and tournaments and games, I'm a little sad because I absolutely love watching my kids perform. Win or lose, I'm so proud of the effort they put forth to be good at what they do. I know I complain that it's a hassle running them to and from their sporting events, but man, do I miss it when it's over!