Follow up to the Toddler That Was Put in a Washing Machine

A day or so ago, I posted a story about a child being put in a washing machine by his parents. New information has come to light about that story, so I thought I'd update it here as well.

As it turns out, the two idiots that placed the child in the washer, are not the child's parents. Instead, the woman is the girlfriend of the toddler's father (who is incarcerated, by the way), and the man in the video is as of yet, unidentified.

OK, so the morons are not the child's parents. Big whoop. They're still stupid.

Secondly, I'm smelling something a little fishy here. In this new article/interview on Today News the child's mother says that the child was actually in the washing machine for 5 minutes.


The video itself, from start to finish, is only 1 minute 43 seconds. This includes the beginning before the child was placed in the washer, and the couple of seconds after he was rescued. How she got 5 minutes out of that, is beyond me, but I'm guessing she's thinking FINANCIAL GAIN.

In addition to her misconception of the time her son was in the washing machine, she's also said she's taking him back in for more testing to be sure he hasn't suffered any head trauma.

OK....I can see that, but only if you truly believe he has suffered some sort of trauma and not to try to back up your far-reaching story of a 5 minute ride in a washing machine. Just the tone of her voice sounds shady to me. She's not concerned for her son's health and safety. She's all about the money she stands to gain from the "accident."

"Accident." That's what the police called the incident and closed the case because there was no serious injury to the child and no one committed any crime. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't an accident something that happens accidentally; as in, not on purpose? Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm right on this one.

That jack wagon put that child in the washer ON PURPOSE! The only accident that took place here was that he got accidentally lucky that that child wasn't seriously hurt.

I'm still appalled at the stupidity of some people. I'm even more appalled at the mother's blatant attempt at financially gaining from her child's misfortune. It's disgusting. She should be ashamed of herself.