Baby Memories

Yesterday was an emotional roller coaster, as far as days go. I started out the day intent on making a pretty big dent in the basement cleaning. What I ended up doing instead, was reminiscing over old baby baptism gowns, photographs and junk I haven't thought about in years.

Have you ever done that? You set your mind to cleaning up a seldom used part of the house that's full of things you fully plan to get rid of, only to find things you'd forgotten about and instead spend the entire afternoon going through them? Needless to say, the basement is still a mess....even worse than when I started because all the junk I went through is now splayed around the floor in varying piles designated for "get rid of" and "keep." Unfortunately, the "keep" pile is much larger.

I came up out of the basement in a melancholy mood, sad that my kids are so grown but proud of where they've come. One day, when they have kids of their own, I can give them the gowns and toys and other various baby things I've kept for their own kids to start making memories of their own.