The Older I Get

Something happened when I turned 40. All of a sudden, I began noticing faint lines around the outer corners of my eyes, which is not surprising given my eye condition and sensitivity to light, but it seemed one night I went to bed without any little lines and woke up with them. Like my body said, "Yep, she turns 40 tomorrow. Time to start showing her age."

So, the year has progressed, and so have the lines, and once again my birthday is looming close in the distance. I've been thinking about my skin more and more lately and am considering investing in some anti-aging products to try and turn back the hands of time. Is that even possible?

I've been looking and looking; there's so many! I've been reading and reading; there's so much! My head spins with all the information and choices. I think I've finally decided on a line of products that seems to have a good reputation for giving good results, but thought I'd put it out there for you guys to tell me your experiences. After all, you guys wouldn't steer me wrong. ;)

SkinMedica: that's the name. The description says these products treat a host of skin problems and they've been around for quite some time. Have any of you ever tried any of these products? Do they work? Which ones do you use?

Man, growing older really stinks.