Stop the Train. I Wanna Get Off

Whoever said parenting is hard sure knew what she was talking about. The other day, I asked Mike if it was too late to opt out of parenting, and he told me it was.


Things are tough in the Live, Laugh, Blog household as of late. Teenagers.....I have no words.

What's a mother to do when her teenage daughter comes to her and says she's depressed - so depressed she's cutting herself? So alone that she has no friends and can't bear to go to school and face the bullies that go there?

As a parent, it's hard to understand what our kids go through each day when they are out of our sight. Kids can be cruel, I know that. They have been since the beginning of time, but it's different now than when I was in school. They've gotten meaner, more vicious. They're like wild animals: stalking, seeking out the weak, and attacking when the moment is right. There's no regard for a person's feelings. No remorse for the hurt they cause. No responsibility for the pain they inflict.

This problem is bigger than me - more than I can handle on my own. I wish I could say I know exactly what to tell my daughter. I wish I were Super Mom because she would know what to do.